About the Living Therapeutics Initiative

The Living Therapeutics Initiative (LTI) will bring together UCSF’s vast scientific and clinical expertise to accelerate research and quickly advance promising therapies to clinical trials for patients who have few, if any, good treatment options.

As a federation of previously established UCSF initiatives, disciplines, and departments, the LTI will allow disparate research and patient-care programs to share information, tools, and platforms.

The LTI will connect tools and expertise from across the ecosystem of UCSF initiatives and partner institutions working to advance cell-based therapeutics.

Living Therapeutics Initiative Steering Committee

Alan Ashworth

Alan Ashworth, PhD, FRS

Janhavi Bonville

Janhavi Bonville

Michelle Hermiston

Michelle Hermiston, MD, PhD

Krishna Komanduri, MD

Krishna Komanduri, MD

Wendell Lim

Wendell Lim, PhD

Tippi Mackenzie

Tippi Mackenzie, MD

Alex Marson

Alex Marson, MD, PhD

Qizhi Tang

Qizhi Tang, PhD

Jeffrey Wolf

Jeffrey Wolf, MD


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